I am really having trouble with motivation these days and I feel really bad about it because I am surrounded by all of the productivity – can you help?

As a culture, we have been navigating a global pandemic, an economic crisis, polarised and intense political unrest, ongoing social isolation, chronic uncertainty and anxiety, and low grade depression. As individuals we are swimming in this cultural pool while still contending with our own personal health issues, parenting struggles, job and financial stressors, and relationship dynamics.

When you back the camera up and take a broader view of your context and circumstances, it makes a lot of sense that you are not feeling particularly productive! We think we have all, understandably, lost some focus, some energy, and some pep in our step, given our current situation.

We have to have compassion with ourselves in times like this and set much more reasonable expectations for our day-to-day functioning. Be careful of “shoulding” on yourself and watch out for the voice of shame that can kick in and tell you that you are not doing enough.

If we are all learning one lesson for certain through these trials it is that we need to take it one day at a time. Be gentle with yourself and take good care, moment-by-moment. And don’t hesitate to reach out for help along the way.

I feel like I overreact to the smallest things and I don’t understand why! Could you help me figure out why I seem to flip my lid so easily?

It is not uncommon for people to struggle with overreaction or extremes as a result of a personality disorder or a traumatic experience or even stress.

Also, at all times, to the degree that you are able, prioritising consistent sleep, nutritional meals, and exercise is essential to overall health, including emotional health. If there have been significant changes in any of these areas, a person may find themselves overreacting as a result.

It can take some time to get fully to the heart of the issues, so finding someone to talk to that can help provide education, encouragement, and guidance is a great next step to help facilitate change in this area of your life.

In general, disproportionate recurring reactions are your system’s way of communicating to you that you are not functioning optimally and that you need to pause and consider how to move towards rest, healing, and the rebuilding of emotional resilience.