Apple’s colourful HomePod Minis are a fun addition to your home decor

Three colourful HomePod Minis were announced last month and went on sale recently, adding yellow, orange, and blue options to our smart speaker home decor selections. Apple is a bit behind the ball here; both Google and Amazon have had colour choices for their smart speakers for a while now. The Nest Minis come in coral and light blue colours, and Amazon’s Echo speakers have blue, tiger orange, and beige options. But as usual, Apple has gone the extra mile with its design here, creating something quite genuinely delightful. Each $99 HomePod Mini comes with a matching coloured box and a different shimmering, shimmying Mini logo, presumably mimicking the sounds your HomePod will deliver courtesy of the Apple Music Voice subscription. The braided USB-C power cable (which still can’t be removed) is colour-coordinated with the speaker and is a pastel version of the main event. The new HomePod Minis are identical in function to the existing models. They work with Siri, can use your iPhone to make calls and send messages, act as a hub for your HomeKit home, and set alarms and timers.