Narcos: Mexico Season 3

  • 13 Nov - 19 Nov, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

No matter the iteration, Narcos has and may always be a cinematic show. After the arrest of Felix in season two, splinter wars have broken out all over Mexico. The Arellano family still has control of Tijuana, led by Benjamin (Alfonso Dosal), Enedina (Mayra Hermosillo), and hot head, Ramon (Manuel Masalva). The Tijuana Cartel (also known as the AFO) is by far the most powerful. They are strategically working to funnel money into legit businesses with the help of Carlos Hank (Manuel Uriza), a political animal. He helps finance any man he wants to become Mexico’s next president. Narcos: Mexico was created by Carlos Bernard. Along with the help of director and writer Andres Biaz, they have created a violent, immersive, and deeply rich world no one wants to enter. Each episode is a chapter of an overwhelming socioeconomic problem that stems from corruption and greed and is necessary. When the only business in town is the drug trade, and your family is starving, you help distribute drugs and pick up a gun. The final season of Narcos: Mexico is densely thematic and touches on subjects of toxicity, poverty, corruption, government mistrust, and freedom of the press that most shows can only dream of. The way it weaves in true accounts with scenes that you may think never happened then has added weight because they did.