The Dating Dare

An alcohol-fuelled game of truth or dare leads to an unexpected dating pact in Jayci Lee's The Dating Dare. Despite swearing off serious relationships for good, Tara Park accepts Seth Kim's proposal that they go out on four no-pressure dates before he leaves for Paris. Unfortunately for them both, keeping their hearts from getting involved won't be nearly as easy as they imagined.

The Dead and the Dark

The Dead and the Dark by Courtney Gould is an eerie supernatural tale of a small town plagued by strange events. After several teens disappear and reports of ghosts begin to spread, Logan Ortiz-Woodley and her dad – who are both paranormal TV hosts – show up in Snakebite to investigate. However, they quickly become embroiled in a darkness they never could have imagined.


Margot Wood's Fresh captures every cringe worthy, hilarious, and heartwarming moment of freshman life in college. As told through the eyes of the wonderfully imperfect Elliot McHugh, the college experience comes to life, and so do the numerous trials of self-discovery that are wrapped inside keggers, all-night study sessions, and ill-advised crushes.