Hira Mani to share screen with Shahzad Sheikh and Aymen Saleem for ‘Ibn-e-Hawa’

Coming Soon

Hira Mani, Aymen Saleem and Shahzad Sheikh will be seen sharing the television screen in the upcoming drama Ibn-e-Hawa. The drama has been written by Saji Gul and is directed by Ahmed Kamran. The cast also includes Sana Fakhar. Ibn-e-Hawa will mark Saleem's comeback to television dramas after her successful debut in the drama Chupke Chupke. She temporarily quit the entertainment industry after the drama because she was overwhelmed but soon returned. In a comment to a publication, writer Saji Gul said that the drama's theme tackles the issue of misogyny. "It will be about how the mind of a man is moulded within a patriarchal system, how he is taught that a woman is inherently evil, how the man starts seeing all relationships in a negative light and as a burden, how he sees a woman as a deceiver," he said. "Normally, the terms Ibn-e-Adam (son of Adam) or Bint e Hawwa (daughter of Eve) are used," he said. "However, [we tend to forget] the son of Adam is also the son of Eve, he doesn't just descend from Adam alone."