Prepare to See Lucy Hale Like Never Before in Super-Dark Thriller ‘Ragdoll’

Lucy Hale is known for her roles in shows like Pretty Little Liars and Katy Keene, but the actress is introducing herself to new audiences in the AMC+ show Ragdoll. The star takes on the role of Lake Edmunds in the British investigative drama which is darker than dark. It's an entirely new genre to Lucy, but one that she is embracing with arms wide open, exclusively tells in a recent interview that she feels like she's "entering a new chapter of, not only my career, but my life." "So, I knew that when I decided to do something else in the TV space, it would have to feel like something I had never done before and I needed a new creative outlet. The scripts were really interesting because there's obviously the dark or gruesome whodunnit, psychological thriller element but I think that what makes this show different from other shows in the genre is this dark humour that the characters use to sort of navigate through everything. Lucy hopes viewers love the show too, even if it's "different on every level" from her previous roles.