Immediate Family

Ashley Nelson Levy's debut, Immediate Family, is a beautifully raw ode to the bond between siblings. Just hours before her little brother is set to get married, the book's narrator is still struggling to figure out what to say in her toast. To help get her thoughts in order, she focuses on the letter to her brother in which she pours out all of the things she could never say out loud. From her thoughts on their childhood to her ongoing struggle with infertility, the narrator reveals everything she's not quite ready to share with her family.

A Lesson in Vengeance

A Lesson in Vengeance by Victoria Lee is the dark academia novel that fans of the genre have been waiting for. Set in Dalloway, a boarding school plagued by rumours of witchcraft, the story follows a student named Felicity who returns to the school after the death of her friend. Despite her grieving heart, she can't help but be attracted to a young novelist after they both decide to do a deep dive into the school's haunted past.

The Reading List

The power of literature is on full display in Sara Nisha Adams's heartfelt debut, The Reading List. Anxious teen Aleisha is spending her summer working at the library when she discovers a handwritten list of books and decides to read them all in order. Eager to share her discovery with someone else, she passes along the list to a widower named Mukesh, who is desperately looking for a way to connect with his reclusive granddaughter.