Instantly striking and pleasant-natured, Ramsha Khan has dabbled from modelling to acting in commercials, TV as well as the silver screen, something that most actors take years to achieve. She is a young thesp who has spent a few years and is already quite a popular face in the entertainment industry. A starlet with a young career, Khan’s hunger and a passion for growth so clearly simmering stands out in her personality. MAG sits down with the actress for a quick and fun rapid fire. Here are 60 seconds from her life. Excerpts:

The biggest perk of being you is…

Being surrounded by my friends and family, I have the best immoderate support group and that is a perk I truly appreciate.

Best part of the day for you is…

When I’m checking all the positive messages my fans leave me, I love reading their comments and it is the best part of my day to feel all the warmth, love and support from them.

If stuck on an island, you would…

Probably try to figure out what I can eat. After all, a girl’s gotta eat!

Life for you is…

My family, I do everything for them and I know they will always be there for me.

Best memory to-date is…

Getting my dog Fifi. She is one of the best things to happen to me and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Best vacation memory...

I can’t actually remember one right now, which makes me feel like I need to take a long overdue vacation, ASAP!

Your beauty philosophy is…

Just be you. You look the best when you’re yourself so stop trying to look like anyone else.

If you could swap your life for a character you’ve played, who would it be?

None, actually. Every character has a problem, one way or another.

You in 10 years from now?

My goal is to be the best at what I do but I don’t know what’s going to happen in 10 years. Maybe I’ll be a super star or maybe I’ll retire, get married and settle down. I like to think of the present and am not a planner

An advice that you follow religiously?

To stay humble, grounded and true to yourself, and don’t let the fame and this industry change you.