Get ready to witness the tales of Umro Ayyar on the big screen with a star studded cast

The Epic Saga

It really made us curious when some stars posted about an intriguing looking box and metallic pendant on social media, the mystery has finally been solved now. These items set the stage for a grand announcement that revealed director Azfar Jafri's upcoming, and seemingly ambitious, movie project. A video teaser was released for director Jafri's upcoming movie which is based on the iconic literary character Umro Ayyar. The teaser didn't reveal much, except for the film's star-studded cast, some striking visuals, and an alluring set of verses. Actors Usman Mukhtar, Sanam Mody, Ali Kazmi, Adnan Siddiqui and many more are starring in the upcoming project. Hollywood actor Faran Tahir is also a prominent name amongst the cast members. Directed Jafri told a publication that the upcoming project is a "live action feature film". "At the moment we can't reveal the details," he said. "The film is based on a very popular character that we all grew up reading – Umro Ayyar. I am really excited to make a film on that character. It is a very fresh take on him. It will be a game changer when it releases," he said. Usman Mukhtar, who is starring in the film, highlighted how excited the cast was about revealing the project.