Noori surprised their fans with a music video for their iconic song ‘Bol’ after 18 years

Nostalgic Vibes

Noori releases a deeply evocative video of their iconic song Bol, 18 years after it was first released. The video is a labour of love by character photographer, Mobeen Ansari, who has directed this visual interpretation of Bol. This pop rock song, well-known to anyone who follows the Pakistani music scene, evokes so many memories. The director plays on that nostalgia as well. The scene opens to a dilapidated house, ruins of sorts. An old man, seemingly an ascetic, is sitting on one side with his back against a rock. This is a gritty, grimy, black-and-white video and soon we see a masked man with long, wild hair and an overgrown beard approach the guitar in the ruins. He takes his mask off and looks directly at the camera – it’s Ali Noor. In contrast, a clean-shaved man with neatly cut, shorter hair approaches the guitar in front of the banyan trees. And that’s, Ali Hamza. The song alone is enough for us to feel great nostalgia.