Facebook is paying musicians and creators up to $50,000 to use its live audio features

Social media conglomerate Meta continues its tactic of buying buzz, after CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised in July that the company would pay $1 billion to creators by the end of 2022. A report from The Information details how some of this money is being spent, with Meta-owned Facebook paying creators up to $50,000 to use the platform’s Live Audio Rooms feature – a rival to the once-buzzy live audio app Clubhouse. According to The Information, the terms for using Live Audio Rooms are similarly generous. “Facebook is offering to pay musicians and other creators $10,000 to $50,000 per session on its five-month-old live audio product, plus a fee for guests of $10,000 or more,” says the publication, citing “people with direct knowledge of deal terms.” For this money, Facebook reportedly wants creators to host four to six sessions at least 30 minutes in length. Live Audio Rooms launched in the US in June, with the feature sitting alongside other audio-focused products like podcasts, music, and short-form “Soundbites”.