YouTube star recreated the entire ‘Squid Game’ set and had players compete for a $456K prize

  • 04 Dec - 10 Dec, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
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One YouTube star took his love for Squid Game to the next level, and then some! MrBeast, who boasts 76.2M subscribers YouTube subscribers, shared a video of his real-life recreation of Netflix sensation Squid Game, showing how he built each game from the Korean thriller series to scale before inviting 456 players to compete. The cash prize to win totaled $456,000. The number 456, of course, keeps showing up as it is the player number for Squid Game lead character Seong Gi-hun, played by Korean film star Lee Jung-jae. In the video, games from the show were successfully recreated, including Red Light/Green Light, Marbles, and the infamous Glass Bridge. They all had slightly less dire consequences for those who are eliminated. Instead of being shot on sight like in the actual show, players had mechanisms attached to them that would 'explode' and stain their shirts when they lost a game. Foam pits were also placed underneath the Tug of War game and Glass Bridge, so no one was falling to their death or anything. MrBeast, 23, charted the production process of making the video on Twitter, at one point writing, "Squid Game has been filmed and now just needs editing, it is the craziest video we've ever filmed times 100!"