High on contrast!

All-white interiors certainly had their heyday, but a new decor trend has taken centre-stage in more recent months and we are here for it. If you’ve been seeing high-contrast interiors all over Pinterest and Instagram lately, then you’re not alone. Bright whites juxtaposed with dark greys, rich black, and deep jewel tones have been flooding our feeds, and today we’re giving you the how-to on this rising 2021 decor trend. Here’s how to nail the high-contrast decor look, plus a few pieces to pull off this look in your own home.

Upholstered in luxe velvet fabric featuring an original print, this patterned ottoman makes a statement in any room.

This vintage rug woven into geometric patterns adds to the contrasting theme of your home.

Venomous mirror hosting a meeting of two serpents, it certainly makes a statement and we're here for it.

Minimal design meets the luxest of materials in this statement coffee table.

Antique brass loops and spirals curve over each other in artful form, adding interest and a bit of drama to your home.

We're loving the fashion-forward combination of mauve and taupe swirling on this marbled pillow.

Stylishly stash magazines, toys, books, blankets and more in this chic basket.