Anoushey Ashraf

I’ve never watched any dramas for some odd reason. I spontaneously decided to break the jinx with #Parizaad, best decision ever. It may have a couple of weak links but it’s written to perfection and acted brilliantly by Ahmed Ali Akbar and Naumaan Ijaz. They’re an asset to this country.

Sanam Saeed

Woven in a web of perfection, Zuvi is ready to shed all norms to be who she wants. Concept and Illustration by: @samyarif. #QatilHaseenaonKeNaam premieres 10th December on @ZEE5. #BornToKillNotKneel #QHKN #QHKNonZEE5


I love handwritten letters and notes; there is something wonderfully personal about these. In today’s fast paced world, it means time and effort towards the one you care about.


Be kind to each other, so much hate and polarisation is dangerous. We have too much at stake. Bring hearts together. Don’t jump to conclusions and don’t be so judgmental. One day you will wake up to realise that you have spent your life in negativity and hate, and in return you’ve got nothing.