It’s been two years since the pandemic hit and I still feel so overwhelmed. So many things have been such a struggle lately for me. I’m usually a pretty optimistic person, but I just don’t feel like myself. I’m starting to wonder if I’m depressed. How do I know if I’m depressed, or if I should take anti-depressants?

From all of the drastic changes due to the pandemic, we think you’re feeling grief. And in a time like this, it’s so normal to grieve the loss of your normal life before Covid. Depression is one of the stages of grief. It’s so normal to feel really sad for a while when coping with any type of loss. One way to tell if you’re struggling with depression is to speak with a therapist, who can help you answer questions, and discuss possible solutions. Antidepressants can be a possible part of this solution, and you would want to speak with a psychiatrist about anything mediation-related. Talking to some trusted friends and family might feel helpful, as well as getting in some daily movement and making time for hobbies you enjoy.

I’m in my first year of college and I hate it. I feel lost in classes, and just want to go home. I miss my friends and I miss my family. I’m thinking this isn’t for me. What should I do?

We know it feels scary since new chapters and change is painful. However, pain and fear are often signs of growth and development. We encourage you to open up the way that you’re thinking about what you’re feeling. Making the mental shift from finding room for yourself in the life given to you, to taking control and creating your own experience. If you can lean in, and take advantage of this new experience, you’ll start to notice that it’s a new opportunity for you. You can do this! Look outside of your room for connection and new friends. There really is a group for everyone at most colleges, but it can take some time to find the right fit. Also, being physically apart doesn’t have to mean that you fall out of touch with one another. You can dive into this new chapter while keeping in touch with your roots. Keeping in touch with your family and friends from home will most likely help in feeling less alone right now, which will give you the strength and faith to keep taking risks and reaching out to new people in college.