I’ve noticed acne appearing on my chest and back, especially when I’m more active or exercising a lot. Please, help.

Acne can definitely be more active when you’re sweating more, whether due to exercise, warm weather or increased physical activity. If you have a delay between sweating and taking a shower, the sweat can promote clogged pores and bacteria, leading to flares. We suggest using a cleansing wipe to clean the acne-prone areas as soon as you complete your activity. Keep this in your gym bag for easy accessibility. A benzoyl peroxide wash is another over-the-counter option for mild acne on the chest and back. Look for one containing between three to five per cent benzoyl peroxide, and use it daily in the shower.

My acne is leaving behind dark marks! What can I do to help these fade?

Once acne has resolved, residual red or dark spots can remain for some time. One of the most effective ways to reduce this discolouration is the regular use of sunscreen. You should apply it daily regardless of weather and reapply every two hours while outside – more frequently if swimming or sweating. Make sure your sunscreen is non-comedogenic so that it does not clog your pores. A product with exfoliating glycolic acid can also be very helpful in evening out dark spots from acne. Just remember that any exfoliating product will make your skin more vulnerable to the sun – so be sure to also use sunscreen, without fail!

I like to keep my face clean-shaven, but I get lots of ingrown hairs and tiny bumps from shaving. How can I treat this?

This condition is called pseudofolliculitis barbae, and can be very frustrating. The hairs in the mustache and beard distribution tend to be coarser, with a higher likelihood of turning back in on themselves. This can lead to an ingrown hair that becomes inflamed. Complications can include a dark mark left behind after the inflammation has resolved, as well as keloid or thickened scarring. We recommend washing once daily with an exfoliating glycolic-acid product to help keep hair follicles unblocked. Also use a single-blade disposable razor or electric razor, and shave with the grain of the hair rather than against it. Using a moisturising shaving cream can also help. Prescription-strength options include a topical retinoid to exfoliate the skin and a bleaching cream to lighten dark spots. If you like the idea of being clean shaven all the time, laser hair removal can be a great way to eliminate the source of the problem.