Fahad Mustafa shares his views on the rise of review culture in a tweet

Speaking truth

Critics and their reviews can play an important role in consumer decision making in general and film choice in particular. Addressing the very issue, actor and producer Fahad Mustafa shared his two cents on the growing review culture. In a recent post on his social media, he said, “To all the bloggers: With all due respect, let people go and watch the movie first, your reviews can wait. You coming up with reviews (be it right or wrong) can damage the film big time and it won’t help the industry in any way. This industry needs support… Let people decide if the film is worth watching or not. Thank you.” Mustafa does have a point here. Although, reviews help consumers decide which film is worth their while, it can damage a struggling industry like ours. Critics are certainly influential because consumers view them as connoisseurs, that they somehow know more than the average consumer and are able to distinguish good taste from bad taste, hence preventing them from watching a certain movie if the reviews are bad.