Paranormal Astrology

  • 04 Dec - 10 Dec, 2021
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Twenty Four Hours Later

The recently married couple was at some beautiful tourist point in the breathtakingly beautiful city of Paris. Pamela was really enjoying and was having her time of life; she was constantly capturing photos and shooting videos; while Richard on the other hand appeared to be upset and silent as if he was looking forward to return back to his home country as soon as possible.

Pamela was wearing her new floral and flowy long dress and Richard was wearing his simple worn before clothes which proved the difference of enthusiasm and excitement level between the two.

Richard’s mind was occupied somewhere else. He was concerned about what he heard a few days back from that very strange kind of guy who was looking at him with a very presumed honesty in his eyes. Richard had no option but to believe what that strange person said, based on his own thoughts and he was continuously thinking something. His own superstitions were taking him there and there was not anyone else who could be deliberately bothering him but it was only his over thinking.

Richard was more than just worried. He wanted to bring an end to this and so he wanted to get back home as soon as he could. He was only there for his own satisfaction and moreover, his unconditional love for his wife made him weak. He was bound to stay here for her happiness. Even though, there were plenty of tourist spots and there were several things that could keep him busy and attracted to the beauty of that place but he wasn't attracted to anything he was simply worried about what if the strange guy that he met was speaking the truth. The truth was not before him and he wanted it to be clear in front of him. He wanted his mind to be on one side as on one side he was extremely worried about the fact that what if the strange guy he met was actually speaking the truth. What will happen then and what he will do then…

He was not at all worried about his office and his job as he knew that his position would be taken care of. But what about his future? He had to do something about it to make his life and his wife's life better. His future was at stake that all of this was happening because it was in his mind not probably because it was actually real. The words speak for themselves likewise the structure and outlook of that strange person he might also spoke for itself but he wasn't concerned about that, he believed in everything he had this very weird habit which actually ruined his life. Now, there was no option but to escape back to where he came from as quickly as he could that was the only way he could get this burden out of his mind. This was not just the burden on his mind; it was a burden on his soul as well which in conscious was also heavy.

Pamela, on the other hand, was simply enjoying as she was completely unaware of what was going on in the mind of her husband. She was too excited and was so happy that she couldn't even care about what her husband was going through. She was simply enjoying the new visuals that she had never witnessed before this time in her life. But Richard was not worried about that nor was he concerned that why his wife was not talking to him about anything regarding his husband’s weird behavior. He didn't even want to talk to anybody and he just wanted to be on his own. These metals could get worse and literally that it but that was what made Richard regret for the rest of his life. He was constantly silent and he didn't want to be talked about anything. All the things related to stars and horoscopes were roaming around in his head. He can’t get these out of his mind he was simply thinking about his fate and his future not just with his wife but in general, he was thinking about his entire life situation as a whole.

The nightlife in Paris was more than just amusing it was something Pamela always dreamt of witnessing but she got to see it for the first time. She was so excited that she could never noticed what her husband was going through. Richard was not at all concerned about her feelings nor was he worried about what was going on around, he was simply worried about what was about to happen in future and his objective was only to meet that strange and mysterious guy who seemed to know a lot about other people’s future and their fate which in actual was an absolute lie but Richard entirely believed in all of that superstitious stuff.

One night, in the hotel where they both were staying at, Pamela was down there as she was doing her small chores she was all alone and Richard was not with her. This was getting worse than usual Richard simply could not stay any longer, so what he did was that he actually went to a nearby book store shop and he purchased a stack of magazines which was all about horoscopes and stars. You will feel better and easy he simply had to read his horoscope signs so that his mind would stay at one spot. He wasn't just reading stuff regarding his own personal horoscope but he was reading about all the forest of friend in every magazine that send authentic and realistic to him he purchased it and wasted a huge amount of money on them.

He was continuously reading those magazines and he was making analogic out of his own expertise which were of no use, of course. There were positive sides as well as negative sides to his assumed faith but he he was upset with this stuff and he can get his mind anywhere as which was why he spent his entire nights doing this stuff. Pamela did not know about this and she probably didn't even care about it, he used to do it behind her back but soon she was about to discover this and this was expected to get worse then. Fortunately, for Richard his wife was a cool tempered person she did not get angry on him or anything else. This made it easy for him and he dragged his hands and mind in these horoscopic and astrological figures. Surprisingly, he had not slept for nearly three nights straight and kept up reading this stuff. Eventually, as he got a little better and satisfied with his analogies he stopped reading the stuff and decided that he wouldn’t think about it anymore and he convinced himself that how much harmful could the presumption of that strange man be.

The couple had visited nearly all of the tourist spots of Paris and they had been to places where people could only dream of. But Richard was not there, his body was there and he was physically present in all the places but his mind was somewhere else probably not on the stranger but his mind was still involved in the assumptions of his future. The visit of Eiffel Tower which was one of the most awaited tours of all was not really in amusement for Richard. His wife Pamela was not annoyed on this stuff because Richard was exactly doing what she wanted him to do and that was photography and videography. Pamela was simply getting what she wanted which was by Richard smiling at all times and his focus was not her concern and Richard on the other hand. It felt as leave it that she was becoming selfish, however, these things are not getting problematic at the moment rather they were getting really serious in the future scenario.

Pamela was more of a present day oriented person, she wanted to be in the present and enjoy what was happening in the present scenario, however, her husband was more concerned about their future not probably their future but on his future, only time would tell that who was selfish and who was selfless. However, apparently the two of them appeared to be selfish in their own worlds. Pamela was totally busy in capturing photographs and uploading them on social media platforms, however, her husband Richard was totally busy with the world of stars and astrology. His recent satisfaction head distracted him away from these and he was also focusing on the present day moments. But still he was focusing on what he would do the first thing as he would return back to their home country. The city they were in was already a place of where all kinds of fortune teller than such and the people were there. Richard did not know much about these people over there but their influence was all around which was by Richard used to get distracted on this stuff.

Pamela was more of a fun lover and memories creator person which was why she enjoyed what she could in that moment. The couple also saw criminals and crime life in Paris but they enjoy it more of a movie scene because they were not actually harmed by such people themselves. These were the adventures Pamela wanted to remember and also enjoy with her husband but it was not in a correct situation because Richard's mind was somewhere else and his physical appearance and his physical presence was feeling everyone else around because he was probably good in fooling others through his facial expressions and body gestures. All of these things prove that Pamela had a great tour and she really enjoyed her time, Richard however, was either not enjoying as he was in a mixed state of mind which eventually was about to open up before the two hours and spoil their marriage for the rest of their future.

The night before the two of them were about to leave, Pamela was rearranging staff and preparing to pack her stuff, she was quite excited to return as she had a good time and she was looking forward to share her memories with her friends and family members. Richard on the other side was not as excited as she was but he was eager to return because his initial plans had not changed and he was still looking forward to meet the strange guy that he initially met. Pamela was a little suspicious about her husband and she wanted to ask him but at the same time she did not want to spoil the last moments of their honeymoon travel. She wanted to have interesting memories till the end. She had decided that she would ask her husband about what was going on in his mind the moment they would reach home or a few days after they had settled in their home. She was an optimistic person and she did not think ill of anyone else specially her husband who had done so much for her.


While the two of them were at the airport, they were seated at the waiting lounge. Pamela asked her husband,

“How are you feeling Richard?”

Richard realised that his wife was getting curious, and so he responded,

“I’m fine. Don’t you worry about that.”

“I know you. And I also know that you are hiding some stuff from me. But don’t worry, I won’t forcefully ask you about anything.”

“Pamela, everything is fine.”

“Okay, I believe you.”

He looked at her with a strange expression,

“It’s okay,” Pamela replied, “I don’t want to ruin our trip. I believe you.”

Richard replied,

“This is not a very polite accent.”


“Just, let it be…”

“What do you mean? Am I being rude to you or something?” she asked kind of sternly.

“Pamela, just let it go. Let’s go home and settle matters there.”

“Oh, my God! Now you are avoiding even to have a conversation with me?”

“You can call it that…”

There was a tough silence for a while, until Pamela stood up and left the chair side they were seated on.

What does she want from me? Richard asked himself. I am providing her everything she wants, why is she doing this with me?

Richard was getting kind of angry and he just wanted to leave Paris as quickly as he could.

Pamela was standing looking at the different location as she was extremely upset with her husband and his weird behavior in the entire trip.

Several minutes later, as the announcement began the two of them looked up and realised that the flight was about to depart. Pamela did not even look at her husband and simply moved towards the crowd of the people without even helping her husband even in picking up of their luggage and stuff.

Richard saw that his wife was leaving angrily, and after seeing all that he got even angrier and then said to himself,

I will have to teach her a lesson now.

to be continued...