Nazish Jahangir - Shining Brighter than Ever

Nazish Jahangir is a name who dreamt big and managed to grab her share of the limelight among some giant acting talents within the industry. Appeared on the television front with her 2017 debut, acquiring charming on-screen presence and strong acting capabilities, she was instantly noticed by industry’s big wigs. There was no looking back for the actress since then and she is now considered as a vital part of the industry with prominent projects in her kitty such as Thays, Tohmat, Kam Zarf, Saraab, Ghamandi and Dil Tanha Tanha. While Kahin Deep Jalay proved to be her most acclaimed television gig and her realistic depiction of Shamila brought her into the spotlight all over again, it is undoubtedly considered to be her career’s best performance till date. Her latest drama series, Berukhi, alongside singer turned actor Junaid Khan, has been earning adequate reviews since the start and has already become a viewer’s favourite.

The actress, after dominating the television scene, is now completely headed to enter the glitzy world of films. Her debut big screen project Lafangay will hopefully open the exquisite doors of film industry to her. She will be seen opposite Sami Khan in the film. Her work is the epitome of hard work and consistency. It is her passion for acting that refined her talent even more with every other character that she played and hence, it didn’t take long for Nazish to conquer the hearts of her fans with her amazing performances.

In an exclusive interview with MAG, Nazish spoke to us on a number of topics, including if she will be up for doing a project from across the border, whether she ever has faced criticism after playing a certain character and much more. Read on to have more insight on the actor’s journey…

Introduce us to Nazish Jahangir as never before. Who is she when no one's watching?

Nazish is basically a very introvert person but is also comfortably happy when she’s in her own company and around her close people.

You started off your career with theatre, and then eventually came into dramas, how are the two different?

Both of these genres are totally different. In theatre, there's no margin of mistakes as we have to perform in front of live audience. Whereas on the television medium, we can have retakes. Theatre is all about improvisation, while TV is all about sticking to the script. Both are different but equally great.

Why did you sign the cynical role of Shamila in Kahin Deep Jalay in the beginning of your career, where many actresses don’t prefer to play a negative role so early in their careers?

That is because I for sure knew that people will not forget Shamila so easily and still they haven’t.

How did you make it to the entertainment industry?

It really wasn’t something that I planned to do; it just came in my way and things tend to happen.

They say that most of our dramas at present are not as good as dramas from back in the day. What do you think?

We still have a few good dramas but all I have concern is for good scripts. They do have their own lobby of artists which is not fair with those who are so passionate to work hard.

Have you faced any criticism after playing a certain character and how do you deal with it?

Oh yes, I definitely have but with all that I’ve received so much appreciation and love as well.

If not an actress, what would you have made of life instead?

I think I would be a designer or a chef.

Will you say yes to a project if offered from across the border?

That solely depends on the content. If the content is good then why not.

Who do you look up to in the industry? Also, do you think is it easier to find genuine people in the industry, where there is immense competition?

I am not in any race. Also, I do not have any competition with anyone as I think that everyone is doing great. Plus it’s hard to find genuine people in general, not just in this industry.

Tell us something about your upcoming big screen debut project Lafangay?

It’s going to be released soon hopefully, as I’ve heard that cinemas are now open.

Is it difficult not to indulge in any controversy while being a part of the industry?

I guess yes… even if you are doing nothing wrong people will still assume something or the other. They forget that we are humans too.

What does it require to become an actress and what advice would you want to give to girls who want to pursue acting?

It’s all about struggle. Also, don’t run after anything it will come to you if it’s meant to be. I do wish everyone all the luck for their struggle and hard work.

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