One day you’re healthy, happy then suddenly BANG you’re hit with a terminal illness. We are so temporary it’s not even funny. P.S. There’s a new corona virus variant (apparently deadlier than the other variants). Please use your masks again, I know I will be. #Staysafe

Since the spread of Covid’s new variant – Omicron, the World Health Organisation has called it a “variant of concern” and warned that the global risks posed by it are very high. Armeena khan reminds everyone to mask up and stay safe during this new wave of the deadly virus as it is far away from over.

Ashamed!! Sick to my stomach!! Looking at you @ImranKhanPTI for the answers, for justice and to take away this menace from our country. #Sialkot

Mahira Khan is looking at Prime Minister Imran Khan after the barbaric act of violence at a factory in Sialkot, leading to the brutal killing of Sri Lankan national Priyantha Diyawadana. We strongly condemn the horrifying incident and ask the government to take strict actions against the people involved in this heinous crime.

It’s time to raise enough funds to relocate all the animals from local Zoos to sanctuaries and their natural habitats safely. It’s time. #ShutDownZoos

Ayesha Omar once again urges for the relocation of all animals kept in our local zoos to sanctuaries for their betterment after the sad incidents that took place in our zoos recently.