Money Heist: Season 5, Volume 2

  • 11 Dec - 17 Dec, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

We have to admit, we were pretty grumpy when Netflix decided to split season five into two volumes. However, as soon as the fifth season began, we witnessed the cinematic feel, the well-delivered action sets, and an audacious script. Money Heist has managed to achieve many things; it’s justified the absurd, the intrinsic storylines, and the jaw-dropping twists. Yet, the story never lost posture. Many would think that spanning two heists over five seasons would be overkill. It wasn’t overkilled. It was sublime. Money Heist’s ultimate ace is its characters. It builds up each event with character desires, principles, and moral compass. By weaving in romance and a determination for victory and reason, it’s already one of the greatest series. By season five, Money Heist had proposed an idea. It successfully weaves in politics and the insanity and unfairness of the economic system. Season 5 was never about the gold loot; it was about which ideology won. Volume 2 of Money Heist Season 5 is the ultimate result that does not let the audience down. It kept to its promise to end the series with an excellent finish. Too many TV series have come and finished with a conclusion that does not live up to expectations. Every time a series does live up to the concept, we feel attached to it. Money Heist is one of those series now.