Biophilic design

Did you know we spend 90 per cent of our lives indoors? Are you stunned by this number? We know we are. Luckily biophilic interior design is extremely beneficial when it comes to creating a healthy living and working environment. Those benefits are much more than interior aesthetics. In short, biophilic design means incorporating nature into our indoor environment. This design focuses on creating a calming space with a visual connection with nature while improving wellbeing, health and productivity. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the trend. Read on:

Add botanical prints

Beautify your walls with nature-inspired photographs, prints, wall murals and landscape paintings to create a symbolic connection with nature. 

Introduce natural materials 

Bridge the gap between your home and nature by decorating your space with natural materials like jute, organic cotton, linen, stone, rattan, wood and bamboo.

Opt for wooden surfaces

Decorate your home with plenty of natural wooden furniture, flooring and wall panels that celebrate the organic beauty of wooden grains.

Choose an earthy colour palette

Evoke nature by painting the walls in earthy shades that include hues of sky blue, grey, green, brown, terracotta, and others. Move a step further and introduce these colours to rugs.

Embrace water elements

Water elements are an important element of biophilic principles. The sound and sight of running water would enhance the experience of your home.

Bring in plants

This is one of the easiest ways to create biophilic decor. Add freshness and create a direct connection with nature by bringing in a lot of fragrant plants and succulents.