Bride celebrates wedding with mannequin version of groom after he gets food poisoning

  • 11 Dec - 17 Dec, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

A North Carolina bride made the best of a sticky situation after her groom fell ill with "severe food poisoning" on their wedding day. Christine Karmire turned what could've been a wedding nightmare into something to smile about when she celebrated her big day at The Victorian in Youngsville alongside a mannequin version of her groom, Gannon Karmire, while he was sick in the hospital. Instead of cancelling their nuptials altogether, Christine tells PEOPLE that she had her groom there in spirit: celebrating with what she affectionately calls "Stick Gannon," a rolling steamer with pool cues that was dressed in a suit, with Gannon's smiling face mounted at the top on an iPad. It was far from the first hiccup that the pair had run into while planning their nuptials. After tying the knot with immediate family in their backyard in July 2020, the pair rescheduled their nuptials for September 2021. But just one week before the wedding, Christine tested positive for Covid-19. Once again, their date was postponed. So when November finally rolled around and Gannon fell ill, the couple was determined to carry on with their nuptials, despite the unfortunate circumstances.