Sidra Niazi - Is Determined, Delightful And Above All, Real

Sidra Niazi’s star has been on the rise since being featured in films and dramas such as Laal and Dikhawa. And her projects since those breakout roles have only served to boost her notoriety in the entertainment industry.

The starlet has been creating a massive buzz in the town post her stint in dramas like Qayamat, Chupke Chupke, Dikhawa and Makafaat. The actress has won millions of hearts with her stunning looks and her impeccable performance. And while it was a treat to watch her on screen, she did leave the audience wanting more. But did you know, acting wasn’t Niazi’s first career choice and happened to her by chance and she never really came with a plan to act, “It started just by chance, though I was offered to work on screen before but I never wanted to do that,” she tells MAG.

But this “accidental starlet” is true to her craft and is slowly yet steadily climbing the ladder to success with her dainty beauty and authenticity. Joining MAG for a lively conversation, Sidra speaks about how she landed in acting, her passion for writing, her favourite roles and so much more. Below are our favourite bits from the chat. Excerpts:

First and foremost, tell us a bit about who Sidra Niazi is?

A very simple person, wanted to be a psychologist, then a journalist, then a writer but never thought of becoming an actor. I’m still very passionate about writing. Love observing and exploring the world through travelling.

You started acting only recently. How did that happen?

It started just by chance, though I was offered to work on screen before but I never wanted to do that.

Do you think you’re ready to make the transition from a supporting star to a leading star?

I have done leading roles in series like Makafaat and Dikhawa. Though, I think in dramas the leading role concept is overrated, it is the impact of the character in the overall storyline that matters the most.

Till now, all the roles you’ve done, did you take those roles based on what you believed in or you choose roles that might be career choices, as in worked for the sake of working?

I try to understand the character that I play, and believe in the character’s ability to impact the story.

Do you have a favourite type of role, or a favourite specific character that you’ve portrayed?

I haven’t done much work yet but I really like my character in an upcoming TV serial Tumhare Husn Ke Naam especially because I had to work with Pakistan’s best female actor Saba Qamar. It was both challenging and exciting.

Now that you’re well established, do you find yourself constantly auditioning for new roles, or do people approach you?

Even at the very beginning, I didn’t have to audition for the roles, they were directly offered to me. Now directors/producers have seen some of my work so they directly approach me.

Nowadays with the abundance of streaming services, the smaller screen has started to considerably gain more acclaim than film. What do you love about TV?

The impact TV screen has in our country is huge. It’s easy to access and in Pakistan, it has become sort of a companion for stay-at-home women.

Gender bias has been a buzz term in the industry for some time now. Do you think that men and women are treated differently in terms of what they do on screen?

Of course, and this needs to change. Men can normally get away with things that a woman cannot get away with. Women are pressured to look great and young all the time and have to behave in a certain way which is acceptable for others.

Celebrities often run the risk of being criticised for basically everything they do. How do you deal with criticism?

That’s why I want to keep my personal and professional life separate. You can maybe take criticism (constructive) on yourself but not on your family.

We feel like you’ve established a niche in such a short span of time. What do you think you want to do next? What do the next five years look like to you? Do you want to keep acting? Or do you see a future where you’re doing something else?

I don’t plan too much for the future. I like to go with the flow and live in the moment.


What do you first notice about someone when you meet them?

Way of talking.

If you could make a documentary about anything what would it be?

It would be on children’s safety and protection so they can live their childhood innocently and they don’t have to grow up before age.

Television show you’ve binged on recently?


Trend you would like to see disappear forever?

I don’t like baggy pants.

Favourite fashion trend of all time?

Short shirt and shalwar.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Sitting next to a tree looking at the moon and listening to good music.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Mind controlling! To make people do what I want them to do. Only good things though.

What’s your favourite beverage?

None in particular, I prefer to stick to water.

What’s heavily played on your music playlist right now?

I am listening to Asim Azhar a lot these days.

How do you manage stress?

I try to distract myself and stay positive as much as I can.

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