Anonymously Yours

  • 18 Dec - 24 Dec, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Frankly, this film is not that great. It’s cheesy, predictable, and worst of all, annoying all the way through. If you do decide to watch Anonymously Yours, the film is about two high schoolers who start a digital friendship. The twist is, they have no idea that they’re speaking to an individual who they are annoyed by in real life. The two leading characters, Alex (Ralf) and Vale (Annie Cabello), both have their own issues, a fact only made worse as they attempt to navigate through high school and towards the end of year prom. To help them through their issues, they strike up a friendship with an “anonymous” contact, which soon develops into romantic feelings. Anonymously Yours focuses on a high school romance, and from that, you can pretty much guess how the film will unfold. But the manner in how it reaches the conclusion is just daft. Anonymously Yours stumbles more than anything else, and it’s hard to care about the characters when it’s so clear how the film will ultimately conclude. Whilst it has all the usual formulas of a teenage film, i.e. misunderstood teenagers, a prom, unlikely friendships and romances, Anonymously Yours is still unable to translate it into a watchable film. What could probably work in favour of the film is the blatantly obvious draw to a teenage audience.