Comforting curves

Step aside straight lines and sharp edges – the curved furniture trend is here and we’re loving it! This re-emergence of sculptural shapes and organic lines creates a beautiful balance of modern and feminine energies within a space. This trend, as its name suggests, features pieces with sloped lines, curved silhouettes, and not a harsh angle in sight. It’s all about show-stopping pieces that add a touch of glamour and elegance to any setting. Want to know how to decorate with curved furniture? Here are the top tips to pull off this trend. Read on:

An arching curved ladder frames this bookcase to offer an elegant and classic charm with spacious shelves for displaying a variety of decorative accents and books.

Lay the groundwork (quite literally) for an organic, fluid interior with this circular jute rug, which features both a solid weave and coils.

Not a straight line or hard corner in sight, this curvy chair feels completely fresh and modern.

Droplets of dark blue and gold float effortlessly in a pool of bright aquamarine on this oceanic vase to bring a fresh and vibrant touch to its smooth, curved design.

This simple accessory goes a long way towards making your home look absolutely unique.

While round coffee tables aren't exactly avant-garde, this one feels incredibly contemporary.