Mrs March

Soon to be a movie starring Elisabeth Moss, Mrs March by Virginia Feito is a psychological thriller with shades of Hitchcock. Always the devoted wife, Mrs March is nothing but supportive of her writer husband – at least she is until a local shopkeeper suggests she was the inspiration for the loathsome character in his latest book. Now Mrs March is questioning everything she thought she knew about her spouse, including whether or not her husband might be capable of murder.

The Other Me

The Other Me by Sarah Zachrich Jeng will make you question everything as the protagonist, Kelly, spirals down a Black Mirror-esque rabbit hole. One minute, Kelly is celebrating her birthday in Chicago, and the next, she opens a door to a different life, one where she's married to a man she barely knows. In order to get back to the life, she loves, she'll first have to unravel how she ended up in this different reality in the first place.

Ramadan Ramsey

Beginning in New Orleans in 1999, Ramadan Ramsey by Louis Edwards is a sweeping story of one young man's journey to find the father he has never met. In the aftermath of Katrina, Ramadan's life is left in tatters, so at the young age of 12, he sets out on a globetrotting journey to find Mustafa Totah, his Syrian father who has no idea he exists.