Paranormal Astrology

  • 25 Dec - 31 Dec, 2021
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Richard looked carefully and saw that she was literally not there where she was sitting a while back and talking to him.

Oh, My God! Where did she go? He strangely asked himself.

He curiously went back inside the shop to see if she was actually seated there or not and as he went back inside, he saw that the woman who claimed herself to be Rachel was still there. He got really surprised and was so confused at the same time. He asked her with astonishment,

“Where were you? A few seconds back? You weren’t there.”

“I wasn’t anywhere,” She responded. “I haven’t moved since you stepped outside and I’m sitting just here.”

“But as I went outside, I saw that you weren’t here. You weren’t here.”

“I’m right over here. You can see me clearly.”

“Oh, my God! What’s happening to me?”

Richard held his head in distress.

“Go home, Richard” she said to him. “You badly need rest. Just go home and have a good sleep.”

“I just can’t,” he spoke slowly and with distress.

“Sorry? What are you saying?”

“Alright, I’m leaving now…”

Richard left her feeling kind of embarrassed and as he stepped out of the shop and went by the window, he checked it once again for his reassurance that whether or not, she was still there.

To his surprise yet satisfaction, he saw that she was seated where she was supposed to be.

Now, without wasting any more time, he simply took off enhancing his walking speed. Richard was on his way home. And he was walking very fast on foot. He had no intention of taking his car along as he knew that this car would only cause more trouble to him.

By trouble, he meant in his mind that since he was too distracted to see what was going on in front of him.

He had to make sure that he would reach home safely but could he reach there all alone with no vehicle nor any mode of transportation and at this hour.

Anyways, he kept on walking and he travelled a huge distance on foot without getting hurt in any way. Nearly half of the journey was quite easily covered by him and he kept on walking all the while shivering and feeling his body shaking faster than usual. He was not shivering because of coolness in temperature rather he was shivering due to the fear and anxiety faced by him that were spreading in his body like a fire that spreads in a jungle.

There were different kinds of issues that were bothering him at the same time altogether. These things could not get better as he was constantly thinking about how he could overcome the thoughts that were playing a part of superstition in his thoughts.

Moreover, he was thinking about the thoughts that had forced him to believe that he was living in a world of supernatural existence.

The people who were forecasting future before him did not appear to be natural human beings for him at least.

What is going on around me? These were the thoughts that were coming and questioning his mind. What kind of people are these? They have differences of opinions and they share many features as well.

The different kinds of opinions that were presented before him made him kind of anxious and he simply had to resolve them before the matter would get uncontrollable and out of his hands.

He was constantly thinking about the two fortune tellers and questioning,

What if the two of them are some fake people and phonies?

Then how do they know so much about my life? This was what came suddenly as an answer in the shape of a question right before his mind. The different kinds of contradictions that were conflicting in his mind were making his mind move like a boxing ring that does not stand at a single position which was why he had to temporarily block these thoughts and concentrate on moving ahead towards his house and reach there safely.

Two hours later, he finally reached his house and saw that it was around nine o clock in the night. He knew that his wife would be upset on him and would get angry on him. He however, was in no mood to argue with anyone, but he knew that things would get really complicated as matters seemed to be beyond just difficult.

The different issues that were kind of alarming the situation were supposed to resolve all of these matters but his mind was not in the track of conducting issues in a way that they would be resolved quite easily.


Pamela was living a separate life unfortunately she had no one to share her thoughts and feelings with she was not exactly depressed but she did feel the loneliness that her husband would not fill for her. This was her current status that she was hoping and expecting would change some off and sometime son but unfortunately her Expectations were not going to meet but her Expectations were rather about to get worse things are about to get worse for her but she had no clue about it. Richard who had lost sense of right and wrong was not trying to talk to her or trying to make her feel better about anything but at the same time remained silent and did not convey her feelings to him. These were the things that created bridges and operations between the two of them which made both of them upset them alava the theatre about different stuff and Richard was upset about their future because his thoughts were manipulated by people whom he could not trust at all. No matter how bad things were about to get they both had one mutual feeling for each other and that was true love. It was this true love that combines them and made them connected otherwise the two of them had not had had some feelings for each other.

The different kinds of thoughts were coming in their minds. These were obviously not pleasant thoughts and these were about to get complicated and eventually ruin the love and respect they had for each other. Whether anybody was manipulating their thoughts or anybody misusing their thoughts with the help of supernatural powers? Nobody knew they were however the two of them knew that things were not right between them and they had to resolve matters somehow. However he interested in resolving this matter but Richard was more concerned about what he had to do in future regarding not just their marriage but other stuff as well. Richards mine was not actually in the correct place he was thinking about one stuff at one moment and he was thinking about another at another time but what was for sure was that his mind was struggling between different positions and there were several contradictions in his mind that were tied as knots in his head. Thinking enhanced him but he did not spend too much time in getting depressed for being in a state of anxiety he was more concerned about stuff that was related to resolving issues that were coming in their future. Different problems came from time to time but Richard was resolving them on their own and Pamela was just waiting for Richard to come to her and ask her if she would actually be a part of her life and make things better between the two of them but unfortunately Pamela Expectations were not about to meet quite soon. Different issues had to be resolved in different perspective but at the same time Richard had to the resort at the face of the two of them. The two of them were not committing any crime or any scene with each other as such but eventually they had to face the consequences of their actions their actions were not two harmful but they silent Destroyer that were eventually going to blow up on their faces. This was more l heartbreaking than its sound but eventually matters had to get worse.

Richard was walking one night and he was walking absolutely straight but he had no destination ahead of him.

His destination was simply walking as long as his body allow him and he would keep on going unless something would come and stop him. All the while he was walking, somebody threw of cup of coffee on his shirt and went away. He was too much involved in his third that he could not even pay close attention to the person who walked away doing this but he was definitely distracted as a human being and felt something liquid touching his shirt. But on the other side his mind was too involved somewhere else that while he was while the person was walking away he could not even concentrate on the direction through which it came which was why he looked around everywhere trying to reconfirm who actually did it but there was no trace for him. The different values that were changing metals in the hand of his mind kept him focusing on what was going to happen in his present and in his future the past did not matter to him at all in fact it was among least of his concerns. Different values that had to be reserved in the light of matters concerning the future were not in his mind and he simply wanted to remove the stains that were on his shirt at the moment. He knew that people around him would not help him and nor would they actually considered matter to be taken seriously which was why he managed everything in his own. The two personalities that really matter to him were the two fortune teller the had made all the other two scenes where different then each other but he could not be value or ignore their comments rather he had to focus and Concentrate on what they were talking about. Mind games for not for everybody and Richard knew that he could not ignore and degrade the people who could understand not just the mind and but also their food forecast future the normal human being.

This was exciting and interesting for him but this excitement had actually ruined the peace of his life and was about to get even worse.

Without wasting any further time Richard simply wiped off his shirt with the help tissue paper that he had in his pockets and after removing the stains as much as he could he withdrew the tissue paper of fire and kept on working ahead without giving it any kind of second thought. All the while he was working different opinions of both the Fortune tellers were you going around and revolving around his mind that would not let him concentrate on anything that was my way more important than this stuff. Richard was not even thinking about his professional career that was in the way of his growth. He was on the working streak as usual and all the while he was working he was simply trying to propose a solution to himself regarding what he could do to attain what he wanted from the to fortune tellers.

And this was nothing more getting a solution from the two of them that would simply resolve the issue that work expected and forecasted by the two of them. Wallace seemed like a strange person and Rachel seemed smarter, but Wallace words and comments appeared stronger than Rachel's. This was the issue that was arising and was not letting him move ahead but he had to make sure that he would gain maximum benefit from the two of them. He really wished for something but he knew that their thing would never really happened and that making both of them sit together in front of him and both of them would either debate or propose the solution for him which would be easier for him to resolve in the upcoming times.

One Hour Later

Richard was lying unconscious on the ground in an absolute state of black out. He opened his eyes a bit but he fainted back again. Two men, one of them was a police officer came and examined him by touching his body. Fortunately, the other one was a student doctor and he said after checking Richard’s pulse,

“Oh, my God! It is quite serious. We might lose him.

We must call an ambulance immediately.”

to be continued...