Alizeh Shah - No Holds Barred!

In an ever changing world, if there’s something that can be said with certainty about Alizeh Shah, it’s that she marches to her own tune. She has a hugely independent streak and she lives her life on her own terms. She doesn’t need anyone’s validation and she doesn’t care about criticism either. In a career spanning over just a few years, she has starred in a number of dramas. And she’s been fairly successful in all of them. She’s adapted characters the way she wanted to, not bowing down to market forces. But like every other celebrity, Shah’s daringly sheer personality faced quite a lot of criticism.

Oftentimes, when a celebrity garners criticism, it's well deserved. However, when they're criticised for inconsequential things, such as their weight or the way they dress, a smart or sassy clapback is well deserved. And that’s exactly what the young starlet did every time she suffered a backlash for her outfit choices. Despite all this, Shah has remained unapologetic and fierce. Here, the starlet gets into the countdown spirit for New Year’s Eve and give us some major outfit inspirations for a glitzy night out.

Given the year we've all had, for those of us who are mustering up the energy to celebrate (safely!) this New Year's Eve, there is still joy to be found in dressing up for the night and bidding farewell to the year. This might mean swapping your everyday sweats for a sequin dress or your hoodie for a cute top – whatever makes you feel festive for a few hours.

That being said, sequins for New Year's Eve isn't a radically new idea and that's okay – we need the sparkle more than ever this season.

Also, you can trade in sequins for an unexpected leather look. Whether you decide to go with a leather jacket, or even pant, you will own the night in your outfit. But if you want to turn heads in the most literal sense, do so in a pretty pink dress, preferably with ruffle details.

And while you put on your best outfits, you don’t need to freeze yourself to death in the name of fashion. Nothing is more important to you than staying warm on NYE, so throw all your effort into your outfit with a statement outerwear, like this brown long coat. And since there's a lot of focus on the dress, top, or pair of bottoms to wear on December 31, don't neglect your jewellery options. Choker necklaces and chic waist belts are the quickest way to jazz up an outfit.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair & Makeup: Imran Aslam
• Styling: Fizza @On-Fleek
• Photography: M. Harris