Paranormal Astrology

  • 01 Jan - 07 Jan, 2022
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

“It is a quite serious situation. We might lose him. We must call an ambulance immediately as his condition is very critical.”

“What are you saying? Oh, my God! He might die…”

“I can’t say that for sure… as for now at least…”

They called an ambulance at the earliest.

Several minutes later, Richard opened his eyes and found himself lying on the bed and he wasn’t really expecting that. He woke up and saw that different people were walking around. Seeing things around, he realised that those different people who were walking around in the room were the nurses, so he immediately understood that different people who were walking were healthcare workers and that this place was a hospital.

Richard sat up a little and tried to figure out what exactly happened and how did he end up here. The different thoughts that suddenly came to his mind were all related to different kinds of values and these all were related to different kinds of issues that were considering things to be resolved sooner anytime.

What the hell is going on with me? He asked himself. What is the matter with all these things that are going on around me?

Richard then saw that different people who were actually standing around him were actually doctors. The doctor turned to him and said,

“You were quite a difficult case for us.”


“I’m saying that it was quite a difficult scenario and this was all concerned with the different factors that were quite unseen before.”

Richard was least interested in that and so he simply asked him,

“When can I leave? How soon can I leave from here?”

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yes I am. Can I leave now?”

“Do you want to meet the person who rescued you and then brought you here?”

“No, I’m good. Thankyou.”

Few minutes later, Richard was standing outside the hospital and was waiting for a taxi cab nearby to leave for home and rest.

Quite unexpectedly as he was looking around, his eyes saw Wallace the strange looking guy with face painting.

Oh, my God! Richard immediately uttered looking at him.

Richard walked towards him and asked,

“You? What are you doing here?”

Wallace remained silent and shut his eyes as usual.


One Day Later

Next evening, Richard was seated with Mr Wallace at the same place where they met for the first time. Richard then said to him,

“Mr Wallace, I am very worried. A lot is going on with me.”

“A lot is going on. Not in your life actually but in your mind.”

Richard remained silent and gave his words a deep thought. He came to this conclusion that he was absolutely right. This kind of intrigued him to the core and he asked,

“How do you know this?”

“Are you struggling against your thoughts to such an extent that you lost your will to care about what’s happening with you. A guy throws coffee on your shirt, you don’t care. You leave your care at someplace that you don’t even know about. You drop important documents of your job and you don’t even care about that.”

“Oh, my God! Have you been following me or something?”

“I haven’t been following you but they have…”

“Who have?” Richard looked around as if someone was there.

“Those who have a direct communication with me.”

“What are these people?”

“You will see a tragedy regarding your wife. And this will happen sometime very soon.”


Twelve Hours Later

Richard was seated on the sofa of his living room and he was constantly thinking about his wife who appeared very innocent to him. He was imagining her face and was saying to himself,

She is such a sweet person. She is so kind hearted. She is someone I never want to hurt. I love her so much that I can’t even imagine how my life would be without her… Pamela I love you so much. And you know that. I am so sorry that I ruined your time and broke your heart.

He felt that tears came in his eyes.

All the while he was feeling upset, he saw that Pamela was walking by. He wiped off his tears and tried to look away. Pamela came and asked him,

“What is it Richard? Are you crying?”

Richard looked away trying to hide his face. Pamela asked him turning his face towards her through her hand,

“What is it Richard? Tell me, tell me why are you crying.”

Richard responded while taking a deep breath,

“Pamela, I just want you to know that I love you more than anyone else in this world.”

Pamela was a bit surprised and she asked him,

“Is everything alright? Why are you saying like this today?”

“You know why I am. Our relationship has been compromised to a huge extent and I have given you a tough time for quite a few weeks now.”

“It’s not that bad Richard.”

The two of them were silent for a while until Pamela spoke up,

“Do you know who came today?”


“My parents came for a visit today.”

“They came here. In this house? Why?” Richard was kind of provoked.

“Yes, why are you so shaken?”

“I’m shaken,” Richard spoke standing up. “How did you? How could you let them in?”

“What do you mean by that Richard they are my parents?”

“We had an agreement, you and I will never bring our parents in this house. Have you forgotten that?”

“I have not. Please calm down. Sit down.”

“Shut up!” he yelled. “Don’t try to instruct me. Don’t tell me to sit down.”

“What is your problem Richard?” she asked standing up.

“I’m so stupid…”

The two of them got silent again until Richard asked,

“What exactly happened? Why did they come?”

“I invited them over.”

Richard was more than just enraged on this. He picked up a glass from the table and said,

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

“They are my parents. I invited them here.”

Getting frustrated, Richard threw the glass on the wall causing it to shatter and yelled,

“You traitor….”

Pamela looked at Richard in terror. She was so terrified. She looked at her husband and saw that his face was completely red.

“Why did you break our agreement?” he asked her.

Pamela cried out aloud and spoke,

“There was no such agreement, please.”

Richard picked up a decoration piece and threw it on the wall saying,

“I thought I could trust you.”

Pamela tried to spoke again and flee away in terror.


The couple had separated they were not officially divorced but they were separated based on their houses and families to some extent they both were living alone and of course they both were more than just depressed and upset about it. Richard had no one to blame except for himself but Pamela on the other hand knew that it was in quiet her ford and Richard was to blame but she was more in shock rather than in depression. Richard was also cursing himself and he was very angry about what she did with her and deep down he knew that he was wrong and he was the one who should apologise. However, he was on a sensitive side and he knew that the words of the strange looking guy were all coming true.

Apart from disappointment, the couple was also facing a state of astonishment they both can really believe what had happened between them even though that their conversation started quite romantically. Richard had finally showed his soft and sensitive side to Pamela and Pamela was happy about it but things turned out to be way different than what they were expected to be. Values that were in some way or the other related to their love life were not compromised because they both knew that they had deep love her each other and Pamela also knew that Richard was not a dark person that he appeared to be the other night.

Their separation was causing more and more frustration and depression in their mind which eventually cause them to harm themselves Richard used to punch the walls and fences that he used to find around himself and Pamela on the other side also used to hit her head on the wall. But this was a temporary thing they obviously knew that they could not get involved in any further destruction because deep down inside the hard thing they both knew that they would get reunited once again and live as the happy couple.

No one could imagine that Richard was really upset and guilty at the same time and he was literally cursing himself for how badly he treated Pamela but at the same time he also believed that it was not his fault because he was not in a proper state of his mind he was trying to make his experience in his own way to satisfy himself and try to find some other blunt solutions.

Richard’s personal life was not at all at peace. Although, he was trying to give himself some fake kind of peace by consuming drugs and medicines that would relieve his anxiety and depression temporarily. Richard’s mind set was very different than normal people and he believed that things would get really complicated if he tries to resolve the matter with his wife apparently. He used to think that he should drop a text message or a phone call by simply apologising to her but at the same time some sort of ego and selfishness came in between that stopped him from doing this. He had no clue that he would regret this for the rest of his life but at the same time he could not rely on fortune tellers.

The different values that were revolving around Richard mind or compromised and it was not Pamela’s fault. And surprisingly, for Richard he did not even want to get upset about the sisters because he was actually angry on Mr Wallace whom he believed had created the entire difficult situation and things could have been where different if he had contacted him in the first place. But second thoughts and opinions were coming in his mind and they were literally confusing in the way they always did and Richard had no option but to stay aloof. Although, he knew that if he would have taken help and guidance from some Sen people then things would have been better.

But getting trapped and involved in this world of astrology was making him think differently and he believed that all the other same people around him were rather insane and he was way better than them. Multiple issues that arose over the period of long duration were teasing him.

Pamela on the other hand was living a very depressed life and she was living with her parents who knew that she was very upset and there and her father specially knew that she was still in love with her husband but he was trying to talk her out of it. Unfortunately, Pamela was too kind and generous that she had probably already forgiven her husband for the conflict that grows few days back which was not an ordinary conflict, however, rather it was a violent one.

Even though this was not an official separation or divorce that the couple was going through, however, they were deeply heartbroken and they were nearly losing hope. However, on the other side they still had some hope in their hearts that's one day the two of them would reconcile and put aside their differences and live a happy life together which would happen sometime soon.

Richards was going to his job as usual but at the same time he was not performing quite good and his performance was severely declared as Head college day as well as his seniors told him about that but he was not playing concentration to the stuff that he was deeply heart broken and he was really missing his wife Pamela and at the moment he did not want anything else besides reconciling

with her. Different people were hurting his feelings by simply showing him down but at the same time they were hurting him even more by calling him a divorcee. All of the external factors were one after another awaiting him and were literally eating him on the inside and he had no other option but to return to the fortune tellers and ask them for a solution who actually had created this entire situation and had ruined the peace of his life initially. 

to be continued...