The Morning Dew: Blog Entry 201

  • 01 Jan - 07 Jan, 2022
  • Ayesha Adil
  • Fiction

Stories. Isn’t that what life’s all about? I read a quote somewhere when we all went into lockdown in 2020 that stuck with me. It went something like this; “I wish people would remember (in the lockdown) that it was the artists that kept them going during this strange period. The writers, the musicians and the film makers”. And isn’t that true? Without the social media platform or TV, we would have gone mad.

I mean, I know that everyone’s lockdown was not the same and nor we were in the same boat but from rich to poor I think we can all safely say that it was the entertainment industry that kept us afloat.

Fawad and I started our Netflix subscription during the pandemic.

And what was common amongst them all; amongst all the shows and all the songs and all those videos? Stories. Every single one of them tells a story.

This brings me to the next area of my discussion. Why are we hell bent on sharing our stories? I mean are we unique, unusual, are we special? Why does my story make for better reading than yours? I don’t think it does. I think in our search for the best story we are simply trying to see aspects of ourselves. Living life through the safety of someone else’s experience. I mean there are parts in the story that are similar and the there are some major changes but at the end we’re all human and that’s how we connect. That’s how we grow and learn; we are inspired and we are motivated and we are surprised, even shocked, we are brought to tears, tears of joy or sadness. We want to know more, feel more. Our hearts open up to stories.

Not too long ago a student of mine, Mariam; introduced me to a group on Facebook especially for women and a place for them to share, vent and to be a part of a community larger than their own. Frankly speaking I joined more out of curiosity than anything else; especially since she kind of forced me to.

There was a waiting period that she spoke about where the administrators of the group check on the validity and genuine-ness. I was told not to expect miracles and not to expect to be added too soon but as luck would have it I was added that very night. Initially I played it safe; being an introvert I didn’t want to be in the public eye. But then gradually I came out of my shell and became more vocal. But I quickly realised that practically everyone I knew was on that group; glad that I learnt that sooner than later and didn’t embarrass myself (too much).

Many times I would use the group to kill time, I’ll be honest. There was always some healthy and happy banter going on to keep one occupied for hours. But at times the talk would get serious and then I would probably log out because I wasn’t into it at the time.

But in all of it the most obvious thing is that we all love stories and we like to listen to the next one just as much as we like to share ours.

There’s a strict “behaviour” policy on the group. It’s a no-nonsense policy and I appreciate the vigilance of the administrators always keeping a check that nothing nasty or out of place is accepted. A group of over 300 K followers and all women and all participating in each other’s’ lives like family, like sisters; it definitely gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. And not too soon into joining I began to lap it all up like a mad woman. Giving much needed advice, sharing my own anecdotes and laughing at any communal joke that was told. It definitely felt like a home away from home so to speak.

I remember fondly that I was feeling down one day and I randomly wrote about it on the group and within milli-seconds my status was full of comments to cheer me up; asking me how I was, telling me that it will be alright. No one really pried; they told me that I could talk about it with them in a safe place. But even if I wasn’t up for that they were there for me. I felt that I definitely had a lot of friends out there that I had never met and will never meet but who cared who genuinely wanted to hold my hand and show me that I mattered. It was a great feeling.

That’s when I understood why this group was made. A community by the women, for the women, of the women. Can you even think of anything so beautiful? And the reason for its success is the Founder’s input and special touch in every single atom of the group. Her encouragement, her empathy and her interest in every single matter. And she is pure and caring and full of love.

It doesn’t stop there. A couple of years ago *Komal started her own Video series. Now this was a game changer. It is called “Conversations with *Komal” and she really takes the bull by the horns. Each series makes up from five to seven shows and each show shares stories of a sensitive and poignant nature. The conversations talk about female problems, abuse, single parenting, divorce and second marriages etc. The guests on the show are women telling their real life stories and inspiring other women with their tales. It was like a looking in form the outside and experiencing first-hand what they went through. Kind of a Pakistani Oprah Winfrey, *Komal has just the right way of touching upon sensitive topics with gentle kindness and care and empathy. At no point does the audience feel that it is overly done, or it’s an over sell.

The women are given the space to tell their stories in the manner that they want. There was no compulsion or push to say more than they had to. That is what I love about the show. *Komal knew when to ask, when to comment and when to stop questioning. With the careful hands of a surgeon she walks them through the most difficult times of their lives but shows them that we are all there for them.

And so today I end my bog with a great big shout out to *Komal and her Group on Facebook that is simply rocking. And I love her and love the entire community that makes it so great!

In the end I only have one word for her: Respect!

Dedicated to *Komal and her sisters, conjoined at their Souls.

*Names have been changed.