On-trend winter HAIR COLOURS

  • 01 Jan - 07 Jan, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
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The big chill (aka winter) is here, but that isn’t an excuse to let your hair colour be any less fire. This season’s hot list is showing signs of warmer tones. From surprising pastels to tried-and-true chestnut brown, there’s a hot (cool?) new winter hue for everyone. Below, find popular shades for you to try while the weather is cold.

Icy blonde

If you have an ombré, try icy blonde. This is a great complement for a dark winter wardrobe and works with both warm and cool skin tones. Ask your colourist for very pale highlights, and, if your hair tends to go yellow, ask for a violet-based toner and make the colour its whitest and brightest.

As for aftercare? Going from dark to light requires using a violet shampoo, a weekly hydrating mask, as well as conditioning treatments.

Copper gold

Copper gold is flattering on fair skin and looks natural and believable if you have freckles. You will want to ask your colourist for a soft copper gold. Ywour colourist should use your underlying warmth to assist in this colour.

These copper-gold tones are present and are in almost everybody's hair colour. Root touchups and glosses are usually needed about every four to six weeks and a colour-safe shampoo is mandatory to preserve the delicate copper tones. At home, use a cool water rinse with a hydrating and nourishing mask.

Sepia brown

You already know sepia's warm, reddish-brown tone looks great when it comes to old-timey photos and Instagram filters. Turns out, it's also a gorgeous hue for your hair. It's one of the perfect transitional winter hair colours because it's that happy medium for someone who wants to make a change, but doesn't want to commit to anything long term (as we know darker shades of brown and more intense reds can be).

At the salon, ask for a single process colour of a rich medium brown with flecks of golden warmer tones. Plus, a touch of copper, but nothing too intense.

Dark chocolate

Similar to the chocolate brown fall hair-colour trend, winter calls for a rich hue. This particular take on brown hair is a slightly richer shade that can make your hair look super shiny.

To find the right hue for you, first talk to your colourist about whether warm or cooler shades best complement your skin tone. As for maintenance, we hear a lot of talk about purple shampoo for blondes, but brunettes need a good blue toning shampoo as well to neutralise unwanted orange, red, and brassy tones.

Jet black

Dark chocolate not dark enough for you? Take your colour a notch deeper with a jet black dye job. If a jet black colour like Megan Fox's is what you're going for, first prepare a few questions for your colourist like, Are you using a semi-permanent or permanent colour on me? Will the colour fade between appointments? How easy will it be to lighten my hair if and when I'm ready for a change? Being mindful of the process and upkeep will save you from any surprises later on.

Bronde bombshell

In between blonde and brown, there's bronde – the perfect middle ground if you can't decide which one you prefer. But besides getting the best of both worlds, there's another benefit to a bronde hue: The grow-out period will still keep the colour looking fresh and essentially not brassy because of the neutral tones.

Medium brunette

If you're a neutral – not reddish – medium brunette with a variation of brown, hazel, or green eyes (and don't want to commit to anything too specific or long-term), we suggest adding minimal highlights framing the face and perimeters of your hair. Explain to your colourist to stay off the root and start at right above eyebrow level. They should bring in the gradation of golden brown mid-lights that melt into lighter golden strands. The balance of these golden pops against your neutral base will complement your eyes and winter colour palette.

Shadow root cashew blonde

Even if your natural hair isn't super dark, this colour can still work for you. Highlight like you would a blonde but add a deeper tone at the root – it's really about the technique here and giving it that natural root look. Lauren Conrad's cashew blonde hair has a more lived-in feel thanks to the dark roots.