by Astrologist Sarah Kazmi

Aren't we all relieved to say goodbye to 2021? And as we begin to talk about 2022, it will be like a breath of fresh air, assisting us in breaking free. The year 2022 will be the year of Venus, a planet of beauty, refinement, and affection, so as global citizens, we will see empathy and compassion; within people and coming together for a higher purpose, respecting each other's beliefs, and working together to achieve greater things this year, such as climate change and inflation. With Jupiter in a favourable position, organisations will have incredible opportunities to impact the masses in their business plans significantly. Social media will play an important role in the cause of human rights. A war-like situation may occur in the initial month due to certain planetary placements. Changes in node placements after April can provide people with new ideas for regaining power, breaking norms, and thinking outside the box to turn things around in a positive way.


The first quarter of 2022 will begin with Venus Retrograde, which will later join Mercury Retrograde; this indicates an increase in inflation and currency devaluation, which may create a panic situation at first; however, as these planets become direct, we will see a boom in the fashion and beauty industry and we will see women entrepreneurs entering different businesses. However, things can become murky, if governments do not receive popular support for unpopular decisions, leading to political unrest and power struggles. Financial setbacks due to currency depreciation and inflation will be the primary concern. Stability in gold rates is pretty evident during this time of the year.


The change in planetary placements in the second quarter of 2022, when the nodes change houses and Saturn moves into Aquarius, will break up the distressing period. Eclipses will keep the people of the world on their toes. We will see a major shift in media and changes in the entertainment industry making critical decisions will impact the economy. It will be a time to shake off the shackles and try new things that promote peace and harmony in society and make better financial decisions. We must pay special attention to global climate change. There is an indication of loss due to water-related natural disasters, which should not be ignored. The Covid-19 situation will deteriorate this quarter when Saturn becomes direct and moves out of Capricorn.


Saturn and Jupiter are in the same house, which will heighten online vigilance; therefore, people should exercise extreme caution before posting anything randomly, as they may be held accountable for that. The stock market may see a significant increase this quarter, but it will be difficult for those investing in cryptocurrency. Weather changes can be an impediment and a vulnerability, so precautions should be taken ahead of time to avoid calamity. This quarter's silver lining will be a surge in the technology, beauty or women-centric industries. Venus's favourable position at this time will assist women in strengthening and improving their positions at work, leaving a lasting impression.


The government will attempt to manage the country's finances during this quarter. Still, eclipses in the last quarter of the year will not help much, and Mars Retrograde in November indicates political unrest and financial loss. A constitutional amendment is possible. The business will pick up in the entertainment and tourism industry, and the real estate market will experience a massive uptick this year. As a result, it is all about seizing opportunities at the right time, embracing the changes and remembering that if you are not busy with something positive, you may engage in something negative, so work on to make a positive impact on humanity.