LG’s new 16:18 monitor is a multitasking tech powerhouse

LG has recently announced ‘a completely new format in the monitor market’ called the DualUp. With a unique 16:18 aspect ratio, LG claims the DualUp gives you “the same screen real estate as two 21.5-inch displays and has a vertical split view function that lets users see more in one glance.” With a resolution of 2560x2880 and measuring 27.6 inches on the diagonal, the DualUp (model 28MQ780) tops out at 300 nits of brightness and covers 98 percent of the DCI-P3 colour gamut. It attaches to LG’s included Ergo stand, which can clamp to “most” desks and tables to save on space. Aside from the productivity and creative possibilities opened up by this form factor, LG claims the double-height display has ergonomic benefits since it “helps reduce side-to-side head movements, the main cause of neck pain.” There’s also the 4K 32-inch UltraFine display. This one keeps things more ordinary with a 16:9 aspect ratio, but LG is taking up its “first Nano IPS Black panel” and says this display can output “realistic and nuanced black tones.”