Shaniera Akram has something very important to say – like always!

Speak Up

The Australian social activist recently had something to say about Pakistanis overstepping boundaries and pointing out changes in someone's body. Akram shared two stories on Instagram to show two sides of the coin where if a person gains weight, people let them know what changes their body has gone through, and on the other end of the spectrum, if a person loses weight, that too merits a comment (these people believe) as they whip out a before and after comparison. It's no mystery that people are still not clear about boundaries and what's an appropriate topic of conversation. This is not the first time Akram has talked about habits that Pakistanis need to work on. She, along with husband and former cricketer Wasim Akram, have also addressed the horrible littering situation at Clifton beach in Karachi. Akram has advocated for Pakistan many a time and aside from her verbal support, her philanthropic activities have also been the reason why she's won over Pakistanis.