#Save_Sonan_Memon a request to please make contact and help collect funds to send Sonan Ahmed Memom abroad for treatment. He is a Lums and Oxford graduate, was pursuing a full bright scholarship for a PhD. Diagnosed suddenly with stage three brain cancer.

Celebrities, on social media, quite often voice their opinions and come in support for the causes they really believe in. Sanam Saeed requested her followers to help in funding Sonan Ahmed’s treatment, a brilliant student who is diagnosed with brain cancer.

Excellent work #PepsiCo! Just love this video of our cultural heritage. The perfect homage to #Pakistani’s all across the nation! @pepsicopakistan

It is the need of the hour for brands to highlight the positive side of Pakistan for people to witness around the world. Sajal Ali is all praises for a brand for portraying our cultural heritage with immense creativity and passion.

On his birth anniversary, celebrating our incredible founding father whose vision and courage continues to inspire us till today – happy birthday, Mr Jinnah. #Pakistan

Kubra Khan celebrates the courage and resilience of our founder of the nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah, on the occasion of his birthday which was vastly celebrated across the country.