Trend Forecast 2022

The past year has changed fashion forever; on one hand, there’s never been more dedication to following trends, but on the other, there’s been an undeniable rebellion against trends by some major tastemakers in favour of personal style. So, what can we expect for 2022? Let this fashion forecast shed some light on what you’ll likely be seeing (and shopping) everywhere.

Digital generation

The pace at which we are making digital prints is far less than the rate at which people are accepting it. What's exciting is the range this concept has. With digital prints shirting, dresses, and more, the potential is becoming apparent and soon popular too!

Intrepidly sheer

Remember when sheer fabrics were all the rage around 2016? Well they're back, only this time, there's a slightly romantic twist. Billowing sheer gowns and tops were spotted in collections of A-list designers. An organza top like this one is a great way to ease into this look.

Just make it ruched!

The iconic ruching details have been turned on their head this season. This flattering and versatile outfit option makes a great choice for any occasion. Try a dress with exaggerated gathering or go for minimal ruching if you’re new to the trend.

All things monochromatic

We think monochromatic dressing will be a big part of 2022. As we ease back in, we think people want to feel put together with minimal effort. We have enough to think about these days!

Fashionably fringed

Fringe has its moments in the spotlight every few years, and it’s coming back this season in a big way. This fun trend is an excellent way to add movement to your outfit. So, feel free to be more creative with it.

Nostalgic prints

Art is self-expression – and self-expression is style, making style an art form, no? Whatever you believe, an artistic approach is seeping into fashion as of late. In 2022, this will blossom into prints that are quite nostalgic. Case in point: Granny florals.