08 January, 1994 – Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov begins his record spaceflight

Polyakov stayed aboard the Mir space station for a record-breaking 437 days and 18 hours.

09 January, 1768 – Philip Astley opens the world's first modern circus

The British equestrian, who is considered the father of modern circus, opened a riding school in London where he also performed tricks for an audience in the afternoons.

10 January, 1929 – Comic book The Adventures of Tintin is first published

Hergé's books became hugely popular in Europe and the rest of the world.

11 January, 1985 – The first Rock in Rio music festival is held

A whopping 1.5 million people attended, making it the world's largest music festival.

12 January, 1908 – The first long-distance radio message is broadcast from the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Scientist Lee de Forest's broadcast was heard by an audience of 50.

13 January, 1915 – The worst earthquake in Italian history kills 30,000

The quake hit the town of Avezzano, about 100 km (60 m) east of Rome.

14 January, 1967 – The Summer of Love is launched with the Human Be-In

San Francisco was the epicenter of the Hippie Revolution, which soon influenced cultures around the world.