A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion

A beautifully photographed book, A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion, authored by food blogger Shaziah Zuberi was launched in Pakistan recently. The book carries unique original fusion recipes with a Pakistani theme. It is an effort to open doors, build bridges, and deepen relationships between Pakistan and the outside world through the “art” of fusion food. It melds the author’s authentic Pakistani heritage with a celebration of global diversity. The cookbook and its recipes are a unique expression of cultural and culinary blending. The author has painstakingly experimented with a variety of ingredients to make customised recipes. With each recipe accompanied by valuable tips from the author, as well as a note explaining how that particular recipe is different from its traditional counterparts, the hard bound book published by Markings has a plethora of recipes. These include appetisers, soups and salads, seafood, meat, chicken and vegetarian dishes, and desserts – all with Zuberi’s signature twist.

56 Days

56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard is one of the first novels set during the pandemic, but don't let the novel's setting put you off. Howard uses lockdown as an excuse to force two virtual strangers to quarantine together in Dublin, Ireland. But while Ciara and Oliver happily enter lockdown together, one of them will be dead by the time the book ends.