In showbiz, roles get clearly defined quickly. You have screenwriters who produce the script. You have producers who secure funding or negotiate a network. You have directors who work with the cinematographer. And then, you have the actors. These are the people who memorise lines, put on costumes, and get into character in front of the cameras. Indeed, the jobs are pretty well-defined. However, thanks to a number of actors, these lines sometimes blur. Sure, behind the scenes, writers, directors, and producers can take on other roles, but it was once rare for actors to immerse themselves in work behind the camera. Today, more and more actors do more than just a star on a film or TV show. Instead, some of them produce, write, or direct. One of them being actor, director and producer Adnan Malik. Few of us know he keeps himself busy with behind the scenes work these days. That’s because he started his own production company, Adnan Malik Production (AMP), which is responsible for many successful TV commercials, documentaries, music videos and photography. The insightful star joins MAG for a quick and fun rapid fire. Here are 60 seconds from his life.

The biggest perk of being you?

I get to spend all my time with myself and I'm a pretty alright guy (most of the time).

Best part of the day for you is?

Mornings. It is nice to wake up early and not rushing into the day, seeing the world waking up with you.

What are you currently listening to?

Lots of blues, jazz and Eastern classical music.

If stuck on an island, you would...

Work on my swimming.

Life for you is…

Truly a gift! We are lucky to be alive.

Best memory to-date is…

I used to have water-themed birthday parties as a kid in my backyard in Islamabad. All my friends, family and parents used to be there.

Best vacation memory of yours?

Currently, it has to be going for these gorgeous hikes trails amongst nature in Australia.

Your style philosophy is...

Stay classy with a hint of retro, and focus on quality not initial impact.