Is adding water to your shampoo a good idea?

Depending on the formula, you can add water to your shampoo to make it last longer without making it ineffective. But, it is very important to do this correctly or you could end up with a contaminated product. On the other hand, the characteristics of the actual shampoo can change significantly with the added water, so we wouldn't recommend adding the water in advance. We encourage patients to start with a small amount of product in their palm and add the water at the time of washing their hair. This way, the product in the tube remains the best version possible and doesn't degrade more quickly. Additionally, any preservatives are kept in the proper strength for the amount in question. Many shampoos contain sulfates, which are the primary cleansing ingredients that create lather. If your shampoo generates a lot of lather, you can add a little bit of water so that it lasts longer. Most experts suggest a three-to-one shampoo to water ratio. Using this ratio will still allow the shampoo to properly cleanse your scalp and hair of oil and debris.

How long should I stick with a skin care routine in order to see results?

Since everyone’s skin is a little different, how well or how quickly a product works is always dependent upon the individual using it. Factors like climate, makeup choices, adherence to a routine, active ingredients and the other products in your regimen can also play a big role in how well your skin care works. That said, if a renewal product is well-suited for your needs and skin type and you have used it as directed, you can expect to see visible changes in tone and texture in about four weeks. Keep in mind that as we age, cell turnover can slow significantly, taking 45 days or longer, so even the four-week rule can be a bit hit or miss. For more potent anti-aging treatments, particularly those that address wrinkles and lighten dark spots, you may start to see changes in six to eight weeks. Acne regimens can take anywhere from six to 12 weeks to make a noticeable difference in clarity, sometimes longer. Because results can vary so much by product and individual, we suggest sticking with a skin care formula of any type for about eight weeks before considering new options.