Paranormal Astrology

  • 08 Jan - 14 Jan, 2022
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Ricard sat and was thinking about his wife Pamela.

Pamela on the other hand was living a very depressed life and she was living with her parents who knew that she was very upset and there and her father specially knew that she was still in love with her husband but he was trying to talk her out of it. Unfortunately, Pamela was too kind and generous that she had probably already forgiven her husband for the conflict that grows few days back which was not an ordinary conflict, however, rather it was a violent one.

Even though this was not an official separation or divorce that the couple was going through, however, they were deeply heartbroken and they were nearly losing hope. However, on the other side they still had some hope in their hearts that's one day the two of them would reconcile and put aside their differences and live a happy life together which would happen sometime soon.

Richards was going to his job as usual but at the same time he was not performing quite good and his performance was severely declared as Head college day as well as his seniors told him about that but he was not playing concentration to the stuff that he was deeply heart broken and he was really missing his wife Pamela and at the moment he did not want anything else besides reconciling with her.

Different people were hurting his feelings by simply showing him down but at the same time they were hurting him even more by calling him a divorcee. All of the external factors were one after another awaiting him and were literally ruining the peace of his life initially.


One day, Richard finally met Rachel once again where he met her several weeks ago. Richard and Rachel were seated face to face together and Rachel asked him,

“So, Mr Sagittarius, what brings you here by?”

“I’m really upset. Things you said, have proven to be true. How can I make my life better again?”

“Have you and your wife separated?”

“Don’t you know so? You tell me, haven’t we separated?”

“Well, I can assume that you two have not officially divorced but you two are not living together. That’s just my assumption. I might be wrong.”

“No, you are absolutely correct. Whatever you just stated, is absolutely true,” Richard responded.

“Okay…Well, what can I do for you now?”

“Tell me, how can I make things right?”

“I can’t tell you that. I don’t have the authority on that. That’s not my expertise.”

“What do you mean? Come on you are an astrologer. You have the authority to give me a solution.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t have this authority. I have never claimed that I have expertise on this.”

“Then, where can I find a solution to this?”

“Let me tell you something about this stuff. You can never prevent an accident from happening.”

“Can you elaborate this?”

“I am, let me finish. Whatever that is inevitable, it is bound to happen. No force on this earth can stop it. I can only tell you that something really harmful or something quite peaceful is bound to happen.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“What do you mean, what do I mean? I can’t make myself any clearer than that…”

“I have understood. Look, I have understood what you’re trying to say. I just want a way out. Isn’t there anyway we can find a way to prevent this from happening. Matters can get really complicated if we won’t find a way out.”

“What can I do for you?” Rachel asked him. “I can only suggest you to move out of town. Or stay away from all kinds of people. But I can’t ask you to depend on my word. I can never give any sort of guarantee on this.”

Richard felt really hopeless. He asked her after a long pause,

“Can you tell me when will I die?”

“I don’t think I can. Not right now…”

“I just want to die. I don’t want to live in this miserable planet. I want sudden, instant, quick and painless death.”

“You are a coward person in that case,” Rachel spoke quite bluntly, “I’m sorry but that’s what it appears to be.”

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s true, but you tell me. Tell me who wants to live this kind of miserable life.”

“You need to be brave and strong. Learn to face all kinds of things. You have to be brave. You must have the guts to face all kinds of difficulties and challenges the life throws at you.”

“Now, where is this coming from? Are you a motivational speaker as well? Look, I’m sorry. I’m here for solutions to my problems. Can you help me or not?”

“I’m sorry, I wish I could.”

“Okay, anything you want to tell me about my future?”

“Well, you will see another tragedy. Anytime soon.”


Next day, while Richard was seated on his chair in the staff room, he heard some footsteps. As he looked up, the principal of the department came and said,

“Richard. I want to see you right now, in my office.”

The principal left. Richard was a bit worried and he did not have the guts to go and meet him there.

Anyways, Richard stood up and prepared to leave as if following him.

One minute later, he heard the principal saying to him,

“I’m sorry Mr Richard, but this organisation has decided to terminate you permanently. But don’t lose hope, you will find some better job hopefully.”

“Sir, I am already going through a really tough phase in my life. Please, isn’t there any other way.”

“Look Richard, I warned you before. You know that. I warned you and I told you that you need to stay active and attend your classes. Didn’t I tell you? But anyways, don’t lose hope. You will find something better I’m sure. Take this as a constructive criticism rather than as a demotivation.”

Richard was more than just depressed and he recalled what he heard from Rachel just a day ago.

“You will see another tragedy. Anytime soon.”


Several hours later, Richard was lying absolutely alone in his room until he finally reached the different spot where there was no one around. While he was roaming in this room, he spoke out,

I know you ghosts are around here somewhere. But I’m not afraid of you guys. I just want you all to come and kill me. Come and kill me right now. Just bring an end to this miserable suffering once and for all.

He then sat on the sofa of his room and remembered his memorable conversations with his wife Pamela.

“See, this is our life. We enjoy our time here. Let’s not get involved in conversations of our families again.”

He blinked his eye and thought of another conversation,

“Okay, so where are you planning the tour for?”

“We can go to Paris. A friend of mine can give me special discount for that.”

“Oh, my God. Really?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Oh, God! I don’t think I should get too excited in advance.”

“I am so happy. I just can’t believe that we are headed to Paris and the school has given you the holidays?”

“Yes. I’m happy too.”

“I have so many expectations. I just can’t control it…”

“I know. Let’s just wait until we get the visa approval. Then we’ll start packing our stuff.”

“I can’t wait that long. I want to get started right away.”

He turned his side and then remembered an event from the airport.

“Horoscopes? Why are you reading these?”

“No reason,” he responded. “I was just hoping for some excitement.”

“So, you believe in this stuff?”

Richard then remembered another incident of the airport that was about when they were returning back from the airport.

“How are you feeling Richard?”

Richard realised that his wife was getting curious, so he responded,

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“I know you. And I also know that you are hiding stuff from me. But don’t worry I won’t forcefully ask you.”

“Pamela, everything is fine.”

“Okay, I believe you.”

He looked at her with a strange expression,

“It’s okay,” Pamela replied, “I don’t want to ruin our trip.

I believe you.” Richard replied,

“This is not a polite accent.”


“Just let it be…”

“What do you mean? Am I being rude or something?” she asked kind of sternly.

“Pamela, just let it go. Let’s go home and settle matters there.”

“Oh, my God! Now you are avoiding having a conversation with me?”

“You can call it that way…”

He opened his eyes and remembered the kind of time this was.

He went back to another flashback.

“Is everything alright Richard?”

“Pamela, I wish I could say yes. I wish I could lie to you, but I can’t.”

“What is it Richard? What is it that’s bothering you?”

“I am fine. I don’t want you to worry about me. Just assume that I am fine and everything is okay.”

“I am your wife. If you won’t share stuff with me then with whom will you share this stuff.”

“You are right Pamela. But this is simply breaking my heart.”

Pamela came closer towards him and said,

“Don’t worry, Richard. Everything will be fine. Come along with me, let’s talk this over.”

“No Pamela, I really appreciate your offer of helping me. But I am too much stressed and I know that if I will share this stuff with you I will have no option but to see that you will be distressed like myself. I don’t want this to happen.”

“Richard, stress is not a contagious disease.”

“Yes, but superstition is…”

Pamela said getting a bit irritated,

“I want you to know that I am there for you only if you would cooperate with me.”

“Pamela… Our love life is about to get ruined anytime soon.”

He gained back his consciousness and said,

How can I ever forget this time of my life?

He stood up getting emotional and said,

“No, this is not it. We have to get back together. We have to reconcile. We must reconcile.”

He then gave a thought to what he had heard from Rachel during their first conversation and remembered it in a step by step scenario,

“What if I get separated? Will my wife be safe? I just want her to be fine. I don’t care about myself.”

“Look, I can’t give you any false commitments. Just give me few days’ time. I’ll have to make some calculations. These will literally require some time in accuracy but I think there can be some hope.”

“Okay, what must I do right now? What can I do now? What should I do as I leave?”

“Just keep silent and don’t talk to her. No matter what happens, don’t get trapped in an argument. Be nice to her but don’t talk too much.”

“Okay… Thank you.”

After coming back from this flashback, Richard remembered a dangerous kind of conversation with Mr Wallace who was more than just strange,

“Mr Wallace, I am very worried. A lot is going on…”

“A lot is going on. Not in your life but in your mind.”

Richard remained silent and gave his words a deep thought. He came to this conclusion that he was absolutely right. This kind of intrigued him and he asked,

“How do you know this?”

“Are you struggling against your thoughts to such an extent that you lost your will to care about what’s happening with you. A guy throws coffee on your shirt, you don’t care. You leave your care someplace you don’t even know about. You drop important documents of your job and you don’t care.”

“Oh, my God! Have you been following me or something?”

“I haven’t been following you but they have…”

“Who have?” Richard looked around as if someone was there.

“Those who have a communication with me.”

“What are these people?”

“You will see a tragedy regarding your wife. And this will happen sometime soon.”

Getting provoked and angry, Richard left the room saying in his heart,

“No, this has got to settle. I cannot leave Pamela alone. She is not just my wife. She is the love of my life. I love her more than anything else in this world. I would rather die for her rather than seeing her going through any kind of pain or torment. I am going to her, I will bring her back home and nothing can separate us now.”

to be continued...