Emily in Paris: Season 2

  • 08 Jan - 14 Jan, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

When Emily in Paris debuted on Netflix last year, it was surprisingly divisive; the bubblegum world created by Darren Star seemed innocent enough. Still, hate-watchers and super fans alike will be pleased that Emily in Paris is back for an addictive, often silly second season, and the cringe factor surprisingly decreases (if only slightly). Emily (Lily Collins) is still reeling from her night of passion with hot chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). She thought he was moving back to Normandy. She’s so consumed by the thought of their exciting night that she nearly walks into traffic, and later, pictures it during a work meeting. Despite her guilt, though, she still puts on a friendly face for Camille, who can’t seem to figure out why Gabriel decided to stay in Paris. Aside from the whole Antoine (William Abadie) bankrolling his new restaurant, that is. At work, Emily’s coworkers are a little less than friendly after she steps on their toes to help with other accounts, and boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) can see right through her whole performance with Camille (and everyone else). Despite the lack of glamour around the whole thing, she’s delighted by the reception to her performance, and Emily and Camille cheer her on like the good pals they are. On the way home from her show, Emily tries to convince Camille to go talk to Gabriel, but she refuses, declaring that he’ll have to work hard to get her back. Unfortunately for Camille, it seems like Gabriel only wants one thing: Emily.