Dark Academia

What is dark academia, you may be wondering? It is a recently popularised social media subculture that mostly revolves around the celebration of classic literature, the pleasures of learning, and a passion for knowledge. Dark academia is by no means a new decor style, but rather an amalgamation of various already existing aesthetics that celebrate things such as old universities, sprawling libraries, dimly lit offices with rich textures, and dark colours. Read on to learn more about dark academia decor and how you can incorporate it into your home.

For something entirely theatrical, a candleholder like this one ticks all the dark academia decor boxes.

The dark academia aesthetic calls for patterns and textures marked by warm tones. Rich, ornate tapestry textures more than fit the bill.

More than anything, the dark academia aesthetic calls for wood. The more elaborately carved, the better.

Lush fabric like velvet screams dark academia aesthetic.

A dark wall art like this one can add a moody but stylish vibe to the space.

Vases and other decorative objects provide a popular translation of the dark academia aesthetic.

Outfit your bookshelf or dress up your coffee table with stacks of decorative books to get to the core of the dark academia theme.