Hadiqa Kiani reveals how Mehru from ‘Dobara’ is an attempt to break the image of a stereotypical leading lady

Redefining aging

When we talk about a leading actress, we often think about someone who’s young, beautiful and close to perfect. We’re used to seeing perfect people playing in perfect movies. They all have these impressive muscles, Greek god-like bodies, magic hair, and dazzling smiles. But let’s not forget that while some shine in showbiz because of their physical appearance, they’re still hired to be actors. That’s a job that requires skill and experience too, not just looks and youth. There are many talented actors out there that have managed to overcome the stereotype of the young, good-looking actor and succeed because of their perseverance and great acting talent. One such incredibly talented breakout starlet, Hadiqa Kiani, who played the leading lady in her 40s, is fighting against stereotypes in the industry. In an interview with a publication, Kiani mentioned how her character Mehru from her second drama serial Dobara is an attempt to redefine what the leading lady should look like. She says, "Viewers usually expect dramas to show these fair-skinned, young age, beautiful women. Why not someone in their mid-30s, mid-40s or mid-50s? Why not? We are all human beings and we should not get stuck in 'age brackets'. Why can't we redefine the leading lady [in entertainment in Pakistan]?"