Iqra Aziz attends a session in order to learn about combating street harassment

For a Cause

Iqra Aziz is ready to play her part to help prevent sexual harassment in public spaces. She recently attended a training session on how to fight against street harassment and her mentor during the session was American actor Eva Longoria. Aziz shared an Instagram post about the training session she attended in Dubai. "Had the honour of attending a live Stand Up training at the Dubai Expo; organised by L'Oréal Paris in collaboration with Hollaback," she shared. "I got to meet Eva Longoria who led the session and explained the 5D methodology to combat sexual harassment in public spaces." Stand Up is a training programme "designed to help prevent street harassment and build safe, inclusive spaces for all". The programme teaches attendees the 5D's to counter street harassment via live and digital training sessions. Aziz urged her followers to play their part by taking training to help prevent street harassment.