TikTok’s latest deal means its videos are coming soon to waiting area TVs

TikTok has already conquered our phones and TVs at home, but its next target will ensure you really can’t escape from cute pet videos, impressive feats, and oddly satisfying clips. According to a report from TechCrunch, the popular short-form video platform has partnered with Atmosphere, a startup that drums up the content to ambiently play in the background when you’re eating at a restaurant, lounging in a hotel, or sitting in a waiting room. Atmosphere already delivers content to places like Taco Bell, Texas Roadhouse, Burger King, and even Meineke, letting clients choose from a number of “channels” that suit different environments. And now, TikTok will get a channel dedicated to curated videos from the platform. TechCrunch says that Atmosphere essentially repurposes the videos it gathers, whether it’s from YouTube or TikTok. It then removes the audio, adds its own music (or potentially leaves it audio-less), slaps on a caption, and subsequently adds it to the stream of videos that make up a specific channel.

Facebook is hinting at you to learn about its privacy settings

Meta has announced a new version of its Privacy Center, which it says you can use to learn about how it collects and uses data and figure out how to navigate the myriad privacy and security controls available. It says the current version of the tool will have categories covering security, sharing, collection, data use, and ads. While it seems like a good tool to have around, it does feel more like Meta is putting the onus on users to make sure its apps work for them. Meta says that this version of the Privacy Center is currently available to “some people using Facebook on desktop” but that it “will roll it out to more people and apps in the coming months.” According to the blog post, there will be five categories for guides and controls that let you manage your security settings, who your posts are shared with, how Meta collects and uses your info, and what your advertising profile and preferences are.