I feel really restless sometimes. I’ll have the TV on, be scrolling through my phone, and starting a million projects or chores without really ever finishing anything. I get mad at myself for wasting so much time but I don’t really know what else to do. What can I do to feel better and be more productive?

We can imagine it’s frustrating to feel like you’re just passing time instead of getting anything done. Fortunately, you can use the following strategies to identify any issues and take charge of your time so you can feel better and be more productive.

1. The first step to take is to figure out where your time actually goes. For one week, maintain a log of what you’re doing all day, every day.

2. After you become aware of where your time is going, create an ideal schedule for yourself. How much time do you want to spend eating, working out, working, sleeping, watching TV, and scrolling through social media?

3. You can also begin to better understand yourself by taking note of your moods. When you find yourself walking around aimlessly, take a minute to ask yourself how you’re feeling. Or, when you’re scrolling through social media, what are you feeling? You might discover when you’re anxious, you turn to social media to distract you. Or you might find that when you’re lonely, you turn on the TV to try and feel better.

4. Taking control over your schedule may help you overcome boredom, restlessness, anxiety, and frustration over lack of productivity. If, after trying these strategies, you’re still struggling to take control over your time, consider talking to a mental health professional.

I have been feeling so stressed out that I can’t sleep. I’m not stressed out about one thing in particular. I’m just stressed about everything. What can I do?

Stress leads to sleep difficulties, and sleep difficulties lead to more stress. It’s a tough cycle to break. And you might wonder which issue to tackle first. Fortunately, you can work on both at the same time. It’s important to take a look at the unhealthy habits that may be interfering with a good nights’ rest. Sometimes small changes (or even one change) can go a long way toward helping you sleep better. Also, build some time into your day for healthy stress relief. Experiment with different strategies to see what works best for you. Yoga, meditation, journaling, and deep breathing are just a few examples of relaxation activities that might help you feel calmer.