Against White Feminism

Attorney and political philosopher Rafia Zakaria proposes a total reconstruction of feminism in Against White Feminism. Her powerful exploration of the movement's past, which has traditionally been shaped by white women, aims to inform readers, while also illustrating why it is past time to centre black and brown voices as feminism moves forward.

Battle Royal

Missing The Great British Baking Show? If yes, then Battle Royal by Lucy Parker is a must read. Four years ago, Sylvie became a star thanks to the reality competition series Operation Cake, where she charmed everyone except for the cranky judge Dominic. Now, the show wants her back to compete for a chance to bake a cake for Princess Rose's wedding, but in order to win, she'll have to beat Dominic.

The Dating Playbook

The Boyfriend Project author Farrah Rochon is back with The Dating Playbook, a steamy fake-dating story that will leave you grinning. Taylor Powell is an excellent personal trainer, but she's still strapped for cash. That's why she simply can't say no when a former football player enlists her help to get him back in the NFL and pose as his girlfriend so no one will suspect what he's up to.