‘Parey Hut Love’ recognised as the Best Film in Wholesome Entertainment at the IVIFF

It’s a win!

Of all the worldwide events that emphasise the role of storytelling in modern society, film festivals are perhaps the most impactful. After all, they do more than just highlight feel-good flicks or offer sneak peeks of upcoming blockbusters – they provide a platform to new and diverse filmmakers, honour creatives for their hard work and well-crafted stories, and remind audiences of the need for equality and representation in entertainment. Film has a powerful way of touching hearts and shifting perceptions, and nowhere is that on better display than at the world’s biggest festivals. One such festival recognising talent across borders, the Indus Valley International Film Festival (IVIFF), held its third edition last month in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India. The festival recognised and awarded many creatives worldwide, one of them being Asim Raza’s 2019 film Parey Hut Love. The movie bagged award for the Best Film in Wholesome Entertainment. Sharing the news on his social media, the filmmaker wrote, “PareyHutLove wins the award for the Best Film on wholesome entertainment at the Indus Valley International film festival @indusvalleyfilm. Congratulations to the most amazing team in the world, I am so blessed to be a part of you #thevisionfactoryfilms.”